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3PI has been developing a new business stream utilising ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle) & UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). In order to keep innovating and giving solutions to our clients we are taking steps to offer competitive ROV services to underwater structures as well as drone services for asset inspection and agricultural solutions. 


ROV, NDT, Inspections, 3rd party inspections
Sustainable Energy
ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Services:


Fire water tanks

  • In-service internal inspections (according to AS1851 if required).  Videos and photos of internal tank components can be provided.

  • In-service cleaning/ sediment removal utilising a vacuum crawler.

  • Thickness reading survey

Potable water tanks

  • In-service internal inspections. Videos and photos of internal tank components can be provided.

  • In-service cleaning of tank floor.

  • Photos and videos of the cleaning process..

Marine surveys

  • Ship/ boat inspections - underwater scanning, videos and photos can be provided.

  • Wharf pile inspections

  • Swing mooring inspections - annual inspections according to current requirements. Videos and photos provided along with report including specifications about the mooring system needing repair.


  • Net and stock inspections.


Agriculture Drone
Terminal, inspections, NDT, 3rd Party Inspections
UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Services:


Using the latest generation technology and software we will look to identify and analyse problems and develop potential strategies to use resources more efficiently, reducing cost and saving time.

​ Asset inspection

  • Power towers

  • Wind turbines

  • Cell towers

  • Solar panels

  • Dams


Agricultural solutions


  • Stand count

  • Crop health analysis

  • Elevation mapping

  • Crop mapping

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